Benefits of Connecting ERP & Quality Management Systems on SharePoint

Webinar description

Most highly regulated companies have installed complex Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) to secure production and control of products. Integration to Document and Quality Management systems are often only obtained to a limited extent and sometimes, there is no integration at all. Combination of information and business processes from these two systems will raise the overall level of compliance, as well as, give more transparency in the business.

An integrated solution can deliver many business benefits for the organisation:

  • Ease of use for end-users as the integration of systems endures that data is current and available
  • One source of data and not manual transfer of information from one system to the other
  • One integrated platform to operate the business whilst maintaining compliance
  • Sharing of information across systems will enable businesses to follow up on compliance-related tasks from an ERP system and follow up on quality actions, resources etc.

Understand how to combine your Quality Management System and ERP to:

  • Show document and quality related activities in your ERP system in order to track status on e.g. document reviews or CAPAs
  • See how the ERP system can link to approved, effective documents within the Quality Management System
  • Non-Conformance/deviation handling across ERP and EDMS systems - integrated control of deviations and CAPAs

Listen to this webinar to learn how to:

  • Enable 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with a SharePoint-based Quality Management Solution (QMS)
  • Control all aspects of a documents lifecycle with full traceability
  • Manage GMP processes such as Deviations, CAPAs and Change Control
  • Drive SOP changes & updates from your Quality Processes
  • Wrap up all QMS data in consistent and usable reporting

Featured Speakers:

Klavs Esbjerg, CEO at epista IT
Christian Holse, PhD and Consultant, epista IT
Aidan Quilligan, BIOVIA Director of Enterprise Technology




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