Best Practice Deviation, CAPA, and Change Control with BIOVIA QMS

Webinar description

Deviations, CAPAs, and Change Control are essential elements of a good QMS. But too often organizations use paper forms and manual processes to manage this critical data. This results in inefficiencies and risk of audit observations. Download this webinar to learn how an electronic QMS can make the process of managing Deviations, CAPAs, and Change Controls simple and efficient.

Download this webinar to learn:

  • Best practice Deviations that capture essential data and automate investigation
  • Best practice CAPA that ensures remediation are carrier out and effectiveness verified
  • Best practice Change Control that tracks a change request through analysis
  • Approval Dashboard and reports that show how an organization is managing this information

Featured Speaker

Kyle Boelter, BIOVIA, Senior Solutions Consultant

Duration: 55 mins

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