Compliance in the Cloud – Fact from Fiction

Webinar description

It’s all about Cloud Computing these days, but what is the Cloud and what does it mean to regulated Life Science companies?

Is the Cloud suitable for highly regulated industries, and will it be widely adopted in these environments?

During this 60 minute webinar Warren Perry, Compliance Consultant, BIOVIA, dispels some of the myths that have sprung up around Cloud offerings for GxP and Regulatory use. 

Warren speaks about the experiences of Life Science organizations when Qualifying and Validating Cloud-based solutions, covering both the challenges and successes we are seeing in the market today.

Topics include:

  • What is the Cloud and how many types are there?
  • The regulator’s view on the Cloud
  • Why you should, or should not, consider a move to a Cloud-based offering?
  • Validation in the Cloud
  • Scalability in the Cloud
  • The benefits of Compliance in the Cloud for Virtual Companies
  • Market Trends including SharePoint in the Cloud

Featured Speaker

Warren Perry, BIOVIA, GRCP, Compliance Consultant

Duration: 62 mins

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