How to Simultaneously Optimize Quality and Manufacturing Processes

Webinar description

As the FDA shifts its focus from regulatory compliance to product quality and quality metrics, life science organizations are realizing the positive business impacts of moving from mere compliance to a broader ‘Total Quality’ approach. 

A comprehensive strategy will not only improve Quality but lead to Operational Excellence.

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  • How to minimize non-value-added manual tasks and increase efficiency in Quality Data and Document Management
  • How to easily aggregate, contextualize, analyze and leverage quality and process data
  • How to reduce the cost of periodic reporting for review and compliance (Annual Product Review – APR, and Periodic Review – PQR)
  • How to support collaboration and communication within your internal and external ecosystem
  • How an integrated, end-to-end Quality solution can help drive Compliance, Quality and Business Excellence across the entire product lifecycle

Featured Speakers: Dr. Daniela Jansen and Cyril Walsh

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