Generics Organizations operate in an environment that requires them to collaborate on content within the organization across all the function areas such as research, trials management, manufacturing, and vendor management as well with their business partners.

Sharing this content in a secure controlled environment has proven challenging in the past. Now QUMAS Collaborative review functionality allows for multiple reviewers (internal and external) to collaborate on a document in parallel, ensuring a faster, more complete review of the content.

The collaborative review capabilities provided by QUMAS offer the following:

  • Web-based “real-time” collaboration – See live changes as they are being made and respond to other user’s changes and comments as you are working
  • Ability to have more than one reviewer collaborating on “track changes” to a document - Parallel collaborative reviewing
  • Review initiator/author still has control of accepting or rejecting changes – The best of both worlds, track changes and annotations
  • Collaborate on Controlled Documents with External Authors – both internal and external authors can collaborate without giving access external users access to the broader EDMS system