eCTD & Submission Management Software

In an industry shaped by ever-increasing regulation, global competition and market expectations, successful life sciences companies must bring new products faster than their rivals. Preparing for a drug application is a complex and time-consuming process. Many organizations have insufficient systems for creating and approving responses, which can delay time-to market for new drugs and tighten the profit window before patents expire. Conventional submission management solutions are not enough — they lack the integration to unify document and submissions management into one seamless whole.

The QUMAS R&D Solution addresses this gap by linking document creation using Microsoft Word authoring templates and management to content gathering, tracking and submissions compilation for an efficient one-stop shop for submissions lifecycle management. By combining content authoring, content management, real-time collaboration and submission management, we provide one, integrated solution for all functional R&D areas. This solution includes but, is not limited, to Regulatory Affairs, Clinical, Nonclinical, and Quality. The solution is all inclusive — there is no additional sourcing, customization or additional integration required to immediately take advantage of a complete R&D strategy out of the box.

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Alternatively, check out this QUMAS R&D Submission Documents Package from the QUMAS Packaged Solutions, which offers an off-the-shelf approach to R&D Submission Document Management.