Collaboration Software

There is a large (and still growing) trend from the large Pharma companies to collaborate with an ever increasing number of third parties in order to extend their revenues in new ways. The historical situation of having several blockbuster drugs to finance the business is being replaced with a larger number of lower value drugs that extend into new as well as traditional markets. Many of these large Pharma companies are also diversifying into Generics, consumer products and “Nutraceuticals” to help sustain revenue growth despite the fact that many blockbusters have come off patent.

This increased diversification is coinciding with the removal of costs from the business through large redundancy programs and closure of non-core sites or capabilities. This shift is playing havoc with the supply chains of the large firms and forcing them to adapt or outsource to meet the challenge. Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies now need to collaborate on content and projects across a growing ecosystem of partners, suppliers, sponsors, contract organizations and so on. The QUMAS Collaboration Solution enables companies to collaborate and operate efficiently and compliantly in their partner ecosystem, delivering core content and process management capabilities both on premise and in the Cloud.