Leverage SharePoint to Control Content & Collaboration across your Global Supply Chain

Webinar description

  • Are you leveraging a range of partners to manufacture drugs, supply components or research a new pipeline?
  • How do you ensure they adhere to the same regulatory standards you expect in your own company?
  • How do you communicate SOPs with them, and prove they received and reviewed them?
  • How do you ensure 'competing partners' only see the information and IP you want to share with them?

Collaborate using SharePoint 2010 in the Cloud with synchronisation from your on-premises document management system.

Now you can leverage QUMAS iX to control and ensure compliant Collaboration across your Suppliers, Partners, CROs, CMOs, joint ventures and so on. Deliver content from your eDMS directly to your suppliers in a controlled, auditable way, that will ensure consistent quality and compliance across your externalised network:

  • Reduce the time to onboard your Partners from months to days with QUMAS iX Self-Service
  • Ensure that vital documents and information are always shared & up-to-date
  • Guarantee full separation and security of Partner content, with multiple projects per partner
  • Remove the need for on-premise access  - no more Partner Active Directory accounts

Featured Speakers:

  • Ken Hayward, BIOVIA, CTO
  • Aidan Quilligan, BIOVIA, Director of Enterprise Technology

Duration: 53 mins

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