Make an Auditor smile…. Proving Compliant Control of Paper Forms Across Life Sciences

Webinar description

How does your organization capture structured data around Clinical, Laboratory, Manufacturing and QA operations?

  • Are you currently using printed forms or Excel spreadsheets? 
  • Do you have issues with version control, reconciliation, audits and archiving?
  • Do you know which forms have been issued but not returned?

Download this webinar to learn how a proven electronic document management system can address these issues and how you can demonstrate control of all forms, electronic & printed, to Auditors.

QUMAS DocCompliance, will insure that ONLY the currently approved version of the applicable form will be provided and will enable you to:

  • Manage the development and approval of forms electronically and automatically
  • Issue forms to be filled in and eventually archived in the system   
  • Issue forms to be used and archived off the system
  • Reconcile issued forms with returned forms
  • Identify forms issued but not returned
  • Deal with form version change
  • Overcome commonly reported auditing issues (with QUMAS Enterprise Scanning)

Featured Speaker

Chris Frost, BIOVIA, Senior Solutions Consultant

Duration: 63 mins

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