Synthon manages over 30,000 documents with QUMAS DocCompliance

JERSEY CITY, NJ - 24 June, 2009 - QUMAS, a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions, today announced that Synthon, a leading specialty pharma company, has selected QUMAS DocCompliance™ as its enterprise regulatory content management system. With QUMAS DocCompliance, Synthon now has a single solution deployed across 426 active users in 6 countries that combines document authoring, document management and real-time collaboration in one, integrated solution.

"Prior to the deployment of the QUMAS solution documents were stored in multiple locations. Additionally the sign off process for regulatory documents was manual, which resulted in significant approval delays," said Tieme Stoutjesdijk, Information Manager at Synthon. "With the QUMAS solution we have all our documents in a central location and can track the life cycle of each one. The QUMAS Solution, including the electronic signature capability, has reduced approval cycles by as much as 70% resulting in much faster regulatory submissions."

Deployed at major pharmaceutical, medical device and and biotechnology companies across the globe, QUMAS DocCompliance provides Advanced Lifecycle Management for all document lifecycle phases, including Create, Edit, Review Approve, Distribute, and Retire. The browser-based collaborative review and authoring ensures a secure, structured and controlled environment for multiple and remote collaboration. The Role Based Electronic Signatures ensure that the meaning of signatures match user intent and the Audit Trail captures more than 270 auditable events, which can be exported or printed for regulatory agency review.

"Now that all of their documents are created and controlled in DocCompliance, Synthon has significantly reduced the time and effort spent looking for existing information," said Ken Hayward, Chief Technology Officer, for QUMAS. "The QUMAS solution also provides Synthon with a window into the approval process since it enables users to see at which stage their document is currently located."


QUMAS is the leader in Regulatory Compliance Solutions with more than 250 customer deployments and over 15 years experience in highly regulated industries. 

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About Synthon

Synthon is a pharma company specializing in the development and production of human generic products. With facilities in seven different countries, the company is dedicated to research, development, production, and licensing of high quality generic medicines. Recently, Synthon has started activities to develop and produce biopharmaceutical products.

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