QUMAS Compliance Platform

With increasing pressure on costs and on margins across Life Sciences, the industry must move away from tackling regulatory compliance with point solutions that address specific, individual regulatory challenges - point solutions that are not integrated and do not provide consolidated quality and compliance management across the entire organization. As patent, pipeline and budgetary challenges increase, so too do the reasons to consolidate as many regulatory compliance activities as possible on a cohesive regulatory compliance platform.

Why do you need a Compliance Platform?

  • Regulations are merging to a common standard
  • Compliance affects all aspects of the business and business partners
  • Compliance is both wide and deep
  • All Employees, Supply Chain and Market Partners will need to contribute to your overall compliance
  • Compliance processes link across all departments and into most systems
  • Penalties are proscriptive and long term
  • The need for a platform approach at the business level is clear!

Combined with regulatory domain expertise gained from providing closed-loop compliance solutions to regulated industries for almost two decades, the QUMAS Compliance Platform standardizes the entire range of enterprise compliance and governance components into a comprehensive framework that eliminates the cost of managing disparate and isolated applications.

The QUMAS Compliance Platform delivers

  • A closed-loop compliance solution, combining all elements of a comprehensive regulatory compliance program, on one platform
  • Delivers full capabilities around document & process management
  • Accessed through a unified compliance user interface
  • Provides just-in-time learning management
  • Presents consolidated reporting & dashboards

For more information on our compliance software, download the QUMAS Compliance Platform for Life Sciences Brochure or the QUMAS Compliance Platform for Regulated Industries Brochure

QUMAS Compliance Platform Benefits

  • Automating Compliance Functions - Reducing the costs or time of business functions caused by the drag of the compliance processes
  • Simplifying the application portfolio - Reducing cost and complexity of vendors relationships, reduced validation, supplier/partner audit and training
  • Using a Flexible Platform - Improving the flexibility to address future needs without major additional investment
  • Cross industry regulatory mandates all require common capabilities to address them successfully: by implementing a Compliance Platform of integrated technologies, you can drive business performance through regulatory compliance, regardless of your industry or the regulations you must comply with.

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