QUMAS DocTransfer

QUMAS DocTransfer is a complete work centre for importing new documents into QUMAS DocCompliance. It enables you to efficiently import, index and process documents while maintaining document integrity and regulatory compliance. DocTransfer contains an extensive Image Manipulation toolset, which enables you to handle and transform TIFF and PDF images - in their native format. DocTransfer can also handle other images, Microsoft Office and any other content. High performance document indexing is available, driving speedy import of content. And it provides for ad hoc batch import and export of documents as well as the ability to set up Watched Folders where documents can be automatically picked up by the system and imported with the right metadata and put into workflows.

QUMAS SDK is a programming interface that enables our clients and business partners to integrate third party applications with QUMAS solutions. The interface allows approved organizations to communicate with the QUMAS servers and access a broad range of QUMAS functionality.