Regulatory Content and Submission Management in the World of SharePoint

Webinar description

In this 60 minute webinar BIOVIA and EXTEDO explore the end to end lifecycle of submission related content.  From initial creation, review and approval through to submission to the agencies we cover how to:

  • Enforce the use of templates for content creation
  • Ensure that review and approval tasks are completed on time
  • Make sure that the correct version is always readily available to the publishers
  • The three submission models and which one is right for you
  • Staff augmentation
  • Out sourced
  • On premise
  • Enhanced bidirectional integration of publishing system with SharePoint
  • RPS and the future with regulatory publishing systems

We follow a short presentation with a live demonstration of an end to end day in the life of regulatory documents and end with a Q&A session where we answer your questions about Content and Submission management. 

Featured Speakers:

Karteek Sandadi, Director of Professional Services, EXTEDO

Warren Perry, BIOVIA, GRCP Compliance Consultant

Duration: 63 mins

Originally aired: