QUMAS Remote Assist

Download the QUMAS Remote Assist brochure (PDF)

Program Goal

The goal of this program is to help you to improve end user problem resolution times and also improve overall customer satisfaction. This integration of Server, Application and Change Management Support leveraged over your mission-critical applications insures minimal end user service interruption. The program also aims to provide you with a proactive, secure-remote service (VPN or WebEx) that ensures early identification and fast resolution of issues, while maintaining a low cost point and minimizing business disruptions.

Program Objectives

The QUMAS Remote Assist (QRA) program has a number of primary objectives:

  • Increased Application Availability – Leveraging sophisticated toolsets, the RA Team will monitor your application servers 24/7/365 for issues, errors, and various system failures, for immediate alert and resolution of issues before they cause you business interruptions
  • Ensure Optimized Performance - Perform routine server maintenance (including hotfix installs) and reviews to ensure optimal performance, identify potential issues, giving your IT personnel more time to attend to other non-QUMAS related matters
  • Enable your valuable senior resources to maintain their focus and allocate its valuable time and expertise to more business-appropriate tasks
  • Tightly integrate into our customers' existing support and systems management protocols, as well tightly integrate into QUMAS Support
  • Establish and maintain efficient Call Triage & Support Case management practices for prompt escalation to the right resources
  • Establish and maintain Standard Procedures, Forms, and/or Work Instructions to facilitate reliable and easy-to-follow processes for all impacted parties
  • Establish and maintain a ready-response mechanism for implementing Minor change controls for application-side changes
  • Establish and maintain both a routine and on-demand process for Application Administration
  • Establish and maintain a knowledge transfer policy to ensure that problem resolutions are effectively communicated back to the Application Support Desk (or equivalent), so re-occurrence resolution cycles can be continuously improved
  • Application Server Support - Act as the escalation