Your brand new EQMS is Electronic, Automated, and Efficient. But is it Intelligent?

Webinar description

Organizations that implement electronic quality management systems rightfully focus on eliminating paper and manual processes. In the bargain, quality business processes are smoother and address issues promptly and efficiently. Dangers and risks inherent in using paper and manual systems are largely eliminated. Then it is time to prepare reports and produce answers to questions such as:

  • How many deviations were reported last month?
  • Or, what was the main root cause of these deviations?

Far too many organizations are realizing that their new EQMS has stock reports but they don’t necessarily answer the questions they have, or is not flexible enough to get the answers they need.

In this webinar, you will learn about what you must look for in an EQMS that will also provide Intelligence. Information that is actionable. You will also see an example of a Business Intelligence solution in action within a EQMS.

Featured Speaker:

Murtuza Vasowalla, BIOVIA, Director, Global Solutions Consulting

Duration: 53 mins

Originally aired: